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Free Shipping

Free Shipping is offered at checkout.


Toys - No Free Shipping

You cannot choose FREE SHIPPING if you have an adult toy on your order.   The FREE SHIPPING is Media Mail and that shipping is only for Audio, Video or Printed Material.   It is the policy of the Post Office.   If you have a toy on your order you must choose Fed Ex or Priority Mail.

Spending Less than $10.00 - No Free Shipping

You cannot choose FREE SHIPPING if your order is less than $10.00.   If you want to spend less than $10.00 you must choose First Class, Priority or FED EX.

Orders between $10-$20 - Can be shipped FREE in plain white sleeves.

You can select FREE SHIPPING if your order is between $10-$20, but your DVDs will be shipped in plain white protective sleeves to keep the shipping cost down.   If you spend between $10-$20 and you need the cases you must select Priority or Fed EX.

All orders over $20 can be shipped FREE with your cases.   You can always choose to have your DVDs without the cases and shipped in plain white sleeves.   Just leave us a note in the special instructions section - recommended to reduce fuel consumption and for your privacy.

Free Shipping is for Media Mail.

We offer other options from The United States Postal Service and Federal Express at the exact cost they charge.   We do not add anything to the shipping charge.   Our system is linked directly with the carrier so an exact estimate can be determined by the weight of your items.

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